For the real Dutch farmers handkerchief!

Next to clogs, windmills and tulips, nothing is so typically Dutch than the one and only, traditional farmers red handkerchief.

If you've ever wondered How the West was Won, by cowboys wearing their knotted handkerchiefs, then you need ponder no more - it all started with those first intrepid Dutch farmers.

Everyone from John Wayne and Roy Rogers through to Clint Eastwood and Gary Cooper sported the knotted neckerchief. With everyone from Raphael Nadal to rock star Bono and actor John Travolta now sporting bandanas on their head, they're merely putting our traditional classic to a modern use.

With hundreds of years of history and yet as contemporary as can be, the handkerchiefs produced by Dutch Handkerchief Company - in 3 sizes - are now increasingly desired by both fashionistas and traditionalists alike, who enjoy owning one of the world's most wonderfully recognised symbols of Holland.

Dutch Handkerchief Company is the only company in the world that produces the traditional farmers handkerchief.

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